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This past week I met with several stressed out, exhausted clients.  I heard: ‘I’m always running around,’ ‘I’m on 8 committees and they all demand a lot of support at year-end.’ ‘I’m traveling continuously; I haven’t been home for more than 3 days in 6 weeks.’ One client has rescheduled an appointment with me 5 times in the last two weeks because her work life is so demanding.

We’re a nation of do-ers.  Nike’s slogan for many years – Just do it.  A common phrase – Git ‘er done.   Our constant mantra – I have so much to do.  I find myself saying that a lot, accompanied by a heavy sigh.

I also hear people describe their discomfort when they have no plan, no agenda, nothing to do, accomplish, make happen.  Without something to do, they feel unsettled, bereft, anxious.

So this morning, as I was preparing to write my blog post (it’s Sunday, I’m in my pajamas at home, snuggled in by the wood stove), I heard Amit Goswami speaking on PBS.  I’ve heard him speak before.  He’s a physicist known as the Quantum Activist who merges quantum physics with the exploration of consciousness and reality.  In 2011 he published a fantastic book called The Quantum Doctor articulating the beautiful bridge between quantum and alternative medicine.

I caught his lecture just as he was saying once again that it’s not about do or be, it’s about learning to ‘do be do be do.’

To paraphrase Goswami’s gentle, tender words – in the space between doing and then doing again, potentiality and possibility emerge.  They emerge through the ‘be’ space – the place of non-action, of integration, of internal stillness and presence.

Truthfully, CK finds potentiality and possibility stimulating.  Really, what’s not to like?  In potentiality and possibility, the energy in my body feels juicy, inspired, on.  I approach the doing parts of my life with more verve, and one idea generates another.  I do a lot, and I also be a lot.  It’s a balance.  And a flirtation.  I’m always flirting with doing one more thing or just being a bit longer.

CK likes to think of being as a mini visit to the void. In other words, in the void, in the being state, you’re simply present, awake, aware and in stillness.  There’s nothing to do because that is all stripped away.  There’s a scouring, sculpting and burnishing of the self taking place, and it is solitary and internal.  The flow of your life gives way to the studio of the self and the demolition, renovation and finish work commences.  It’s often a lengthy process to exit the void and begin anew.

When in the being state, the void’s presence and stillness echoes in the emotional field.  The constant feedback of the ego recedes.  The body moves into the slower rhythm of the contemplative.  The mind softens and the voice of the self can be heard.  Vibrating with cosmic consciousness, the self and the Soul connect and potentiality and possibility are born.  It all happens, just in a much shorter period of time.

Rest assured that as you are be-ing, you can also involve yourself in an activity – say meditation, a contemplative walk on the beach, tending to a garden.  Remaining in the being state.  The focus on mental, cognitive processing replaced by contemplative, internal awareness.  You’re absent from thoughts of tomorrow or yesterday – planning or rehashing.  You’re centered in the meditation, the sensate awareness of the beach, the sea, the wind.  You’re cultivating your inner garden, as you tend your garden bed.

The resistance, the difficulty many experience as they begin the journey to discovering their be-ing is the voice of doing, unwilling, unable to let go.  These same people struggle with stress, over-stimulation, feel high-strung and perhaps even high-maintenance.

CK has an idea to share:

We’re approaching the Solstice; a sacred acknowledgement of the shortened hours of daylight, the darkness and internal focus that we would hearken if we lived in a more natural way.  The Solstice marks the shift from darkness to the incremental return of the light as Winter eventually yields to Spring.

In honor of the Solstice, of the self and the Soul connection, of the balance achieved from taking up Goswami’s call to Do Be Do Be Do, in honor of potential and possibility, consider a ritualized, sacred tending to your inner garden.

Making it beautiful to you – candles, incense, music, a favorite shawl draped over your shoulders – using divination cards, mantras, mudras, whatever will call your inner awareness, be.



Keep your vital energy flowing.  Be.

What are your favorite ways to Be?  Share them with us.  We’d love to know.

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