Blind Faith & Healing

Blind Faith

Recently, a Practitioner emailed a question resulting from a meditative exploration of belief systems in EHI’s Online Course on Manifestation.

Many of EHI’s courses help practitioners explore and expand conscious awareness, deepening the efficacy and breadth of their client practice. It’s tough to hold space for healing without a practical understanding of the workings of energy, and how emotions, thoughts and beliefs inform the body and experience.

The question, paraphrased:

During the meditative exploration, I developed a tightness in my chest, my heart throbbed, and my breathing became shallow and labored.

I asked myself, what is this about?

I immediately realized it was about taking responsibility as a leader, of the space I hold and carry in each client session.

Blind faith & platitudes
Blind faith & platitudes

This is a shift for me. I realized I have been using blind faith, the platitude that the highest possible good is always operating in the client’s experience. And that the client is doing the same thing – operating through blind faith.

I’m the practitioner! Isn’t that the blind leading the blind? No wonder I felt so anxious!

Jill, where is the balance? How much responsibility for the client do I own and how much should I release? I’m realize that I’m being complacent if I simply have blind faith that the Universe will take care of me and my clients.

How thrilling to watch this practitioner step through the doorway to a deeper level of conscious awareness, one that lends brilliance to a healing modality or form.

This doorway impels practitioners to leave behind platitudes and spiritually shallow ideas, such as:

  • assuming that everything is happening for the highest possible good
  • letting energy come through – with no idea how it actually happens, or what is streaming!
  • hot or cold hands imply efficacy and competency as a practitioner
  • sensing and feeling another’s pain, emotions – or having spontaneous awareness of a client’s ‘story’ is the mark of conscious awareness

All of these things carry a certain degree of accuracy.

However, if simply accepted at face value, they can actually be detrimental to both the practitioner and his or her clients.

The most important work that a practitioner can take up, beyond mastering his or her chosen modalities is deep exploration of consciousness, interconnection, and the workings of the Universal field.

Here’s the response I offered:

You are absolutely correct to think that blind faith (in anything – including the Universe) creates complacency. It also creates lack of responsibility, it takes you out of the role of both creator and creation.

You are both. Creator and creation. As a competent and integrated practitioner, you learn to consciously create through your:

integrated conscious awareness

And all of these are applied to the conscious application of the tools and resources of your modalities and practice.

The Universe learns through you. It responds to your conscious, aligned intent.


The Universe collaborates with your coherence and aligned intent. You are 100% responsible for what you create, allow, think, believe and act upon.

As are your clients. 100% responsible for what they create, allow, think, believe and act upon. [This does not imply that people consciously choose or ‘earn’ pain, disease, illness, emotional distress. It does mean that the client must take responsibility for their healing journey; the practitioner can’t do it for them!]

If for one minute, you take responsibility for your clients healing journey, you’re committing malpractice. It’s none of your business!

If you take 100% responsibility for the quality of your work as a resource and support to their process, you’ll always be acting in integrity and on the right side of the responsibility line.

As a practitioner, you sit in an open-handed level of certainty.  Working with energy, you’ll begin to see patterns emerging; you’ll recognize that seeing certain images in Chakras, the Aura resonate as the same emotion or pattern, no matter the person you’re seeing it in.

Conscious awareness & healing
Conscious awareness & healing

Blind faith is not part and parcel of anything having to do with energy work. You’re perfectly safe letting go of that idea! Blind faith is the stuff of religious dogma. It places the power and authority of self in the hands of the all-seeing Other. That’s not how the Universe works.

Rather, you’re developing a conscious collaboration with the Universe, wherein your work is aligned, coherent. You’ll consciously know when you’re ‘in the zone’ and when you’ve got work to do to achieve that level of coherence.

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