The Energetics of Caretaking

You care, you’re a giver, that’s great

You see yourself as a caretaker because you’re a giving person, and you genuinely like helping others. They appreciate your efforts, most of the time, and it gives you satisfaction to hear people share their problems, issues and concerns and find ways to help solve them. You like that people trust you and can rely on you.


But who takes care of the caretaker?

Do you have people who listen to you and help you out? Or do you tend to go it alone? Or do you brush off offers of help, finding it difficult to let people step in and support you?


How often do you find yourself taking care of your friends, helping them with their issues, only to come home to your own life and not have the time, energy, capacity or interest to solve your own problems?


If you’re forever helping and supporting others, but unable to get your own chores done and problems addressed, and have difficulty receiving help from others, it’s likely that you’re a caretaker.


If you receive as easily as you give, then you’re all set, your emotional energy is well balanced and aligned. But for many who do lots and lots of giving, there’s a definite dearth on the receiving end.


Sometimes caretakers long to receive, but they only seem to attract people to them who want what they have to give. Other caretakers push away the offers of help and support; they’re uncomfortable when the giving is focused on them.


Always “On Duty”

The other problem caretakers seem to have is that they’re on duty everywhere they go. They’re caretaking colleagues at work, friends at happy hour, the one who’s always called when there are family issues. I’ve heard many a story of caretaker clients going for massage or a mani-pedi only to wind up taking care of the person who is supposed to be delivering the service!


Caretaking is exhausting, and generally a one-way street. The good news is, it’s treatable. In fact, it’s an energy issue that can be observed, monitored and resolved.


The Energetics of Caretaking

If you’re a caretaker, there are two, sometimes three chakras that get out of alignment and dominate your energy field. If these chakras are dominating, your energy is flowing toward fixing other people’s experience, rather than tending to your own.

  • The second chakra, two fingers below the navel, is the seat of your emotions. When this chakra is too open, the chakra operates like a magnet, drawing people to you who want your emotional and physical support. It’s fine to help others, but when it becomes your primary way of relating to others, it’s a pattern and a problem.
  • The third chakra, at the notch of the ribs, is your seat of volition. This chakra generates energy to take action and get things done. When the second chakra is magnetizing people who want your caretaking, the third chakra then directs its energy to solving other people’s problems, while neglecting your own.
  • The hand chakras, in the center of the palms, are supposed to hold an equal balance of giving (sending energy out), and receiving (bringing energy in). If you’re a caretaker, the imbalance is disproportionately centered on using your energy to give. You’ll notice you have less capacity, ability and comfort to receive than to give. The hand chakras are too open, and your energy flows toward helping others, without receiving in kind.

Learning to regulate your chakras is a process, not an event. If you’re an adult, and you’ve been a caretaker for a long time, then your chakras need retraining.


Finally, learn to us intention is a key step. Create a powerful intention that states Who You Are, not what you’ve done. This helps you focalize your energy toward what you’d like to create.


I’ve created a 90-minute course to train you on a personal energy protocol you can use to reset your energetics so that you can quit your caretaking role. You’ll gain access to connection with people who want to be with you because of your gorgeous qualities, not because they want you to take care of them. Imagine that.


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