Does Our Energy Healing Philosophy Align With Yours?

Is integrating energy healing into your client practice, or perhaps a career change to launch an energy healing practice on your mind? If it is, we’re on the same page!

When considering an energy healing certification program, there’s lots to think about. First and foremost, is aligning with the organizations philosophy. EHI appreciates the opportunity to share its energy healing philosophy, because we know it serves as a point of attraction for practitioners who are deeply serious about learning energy healing in a comprehensive way. These are our people, and we’re always ready to connect with them!

Our Energy Healing Philosophy

Professional training is essential for thriving in a practice.

Weekend workshops are not going to go the distance for supporting your learning, building a successful practice (business), nor for helping clients to move through and beyond the types of issues that energy healing can readily support. Energy healing is a profession, and investing in your profession yields returns that dabbling cannot. If a client practice is what you want to create, make the investment in a comprehensive, robust program that will build your confidence and help you thrive as a practitioner.

We teach practitioners to work cases, not fluff auras.

In other words, we teach our practitioners how to help their clients evolve, not feel better. One and done sessions is largely a myth. It’s very possible to have incredible moments of insight, miraculous shifts in awareness, pain and suffering ease and lessen. But truthfully, for most people, long-held, complex issues are rarely resolved in one hour.

For additional insight into this concept, read my post, ​The One and Done Energy Healing Myth​

Practitioners need to be students of people & behavior.

Once you’ve chosen a program, and are applying and practicing the energy tools and skills you’re learning, turn your attention to human behavior. Read books, attend webinars to help you understand what’s behind the way people act and relate to themselves and others. You already know that people are complex, yet there are patterns and behaviors that are well understood and well-defined…such as perfectionism, caretaking, self-hatred & invalidation. You need to learn about people so that you can rapidly identify patterns and behaviors and help clients release and resolve them. The self-help section in your local bookstore is your new go-to resource for all things people. Because that’s what you’ll be doing! Treating people and their behaviors!

I’ve got deeper thoughts to share on this as well. You can read them in the post, ​Learn What Makes People Tick​

Certification is essential. Eyes on your work helps you thrive and your clients evolve.

Being an effective practitioner who can harness their gifts of intuition, wisdom, clarity takes time and effort. Mastery will never come from a few months of training and practice. Do the work, have it vetted, attend case supervision sessions, complete a robust practicum and receive oversight and feedback. Then in a few hundred session hours, mastery will come and you’ll know you’ve arrived. This is a serious field, it’s a frontier of healing and evolution that is now mainstream medicine. Invest in yourself, get certified.

Read this post on ​Why Energy Healing Certification is Important​.

Learn how to work in the Emotional (Astral) and Physical (Etheric) Bodies.

There’s more than one energy body that practitioners need to learn to be effective at treating emotional and physical issues (they actually go hand-in-hand). EHI begins with the emotional body, the Astral body, because 100% of the clients they see will have emotional energy that can be cleared in 100% of their sessions! From there, practitioners usually progress to the Etheric program to learn to treat physical issues that clients may wish to address.

If you’re curious about these two bodies, the post, ​How Practitioners Support Evolution​ is a useful read.

We want to talk to you if you resonate with our philosophy, and want to:

  • dive in deeply with your clients
  • partner with them to resolve their complex issues, behaviors, patterns and themes
  • facilitate an evolutionary process so clients can evolve and uplevel their health, wellbeing and emotional awareness
  • own a thriving, successful business (practice) that supports you and your life.

Do you resonate with our energy healing philosophy?

If what I’ve shared feels on point to you, and you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.

Are you ready?

​Review the practitioner program pages on EHI’s website​, and then click the button below to schedule a time to connect with us.

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