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Practitioners: what makes people tick is not a puzzle!

Successful energy practitioners are students of human behavior. They read lots of books from the self-help section of their local bookstore: perfectionism, anxiety, people pleasing, depression, relationship issues, self-hatred…you name it, there’s books about it! And while energy practitioners are not licensed to treat trauma, they learn how trauma impacts behavior to ensure that warning signs of traumatic re-entactment or somatic issues are referred to therapists to ensure the client’s needs are fully met. Learn more about trauma treatment and energy healing in my 5 part series here.

Bottom line: people ultimately do what they do because of patterns and themes derived from their stories, experiences and beliefs.

If you’re told once that you’re beautiful and 25 times that you’re average, which story do you think gets held as ‘truth’? 

Which story do you imagine has more energy in your field?

The Astral body (chakras and aura), holds the energies of established patterns, themes, beliefs, stories and experiences. Energy healing practitioners resolve and release the energetic patterns, themes, and behaviors clients repetitively experienced, aka, the stuff that makes them tick!

Energy patterns make people tick

Knowing what makes people tick makes it much easier to identify where the energetic information is typically held in the Astral body. An energy healer’s work is always about getting beneath the stories to the held energy that inhibits people from being who they are, from living authentically. The stories point to the energy implications. Clearing the energy brings freedom, and powerful healing and evolution.

Practitioners have to become facile at netting out client stories to identify and target energetic patterns for clearing. The use of an intention focalizes the work, placing emphasis on the antidote for where the client is currently. For example:

  • An intention for a pattern of self-hatred or invalidation would invite self-love and self-acceptance.
  • An individual who chooses relationships riddled with disrespect and lack of appreciation would have an intention that focuses on attracting people who are kind, respectful and appreciative.

Returning to the information gleaned from self-help books, EHI practitioners often recognize that certain behavioral patterns are uniformly expressed in specific chakras.

  • Caretakers have second chakra issues, and often have digestive concerns as well.
  • People with embodiment issues often have a trauma story, and may also have difficulty getting their needs met; classic first and seventh chakras challenges.

An Example

Take a moment to read this mini case. Then decide:

Is Meg acting authentically? Or is she operating on the energy of an old story?

Meg is a woman who grew up with multiple siblings in a poor rural community. Food scarcity was an issue, parental supervision was sporadic, tension in the house was constant, and several of her siblings had serious health issues that were marginally treated. Meg took care of her younger siblings, but received backlash when her stressed, overworked parents arrived home and things were imperfect. As an adult woman, Meg is self-deprecating, has low esteem, is a caretaker and a perfectionist.

Do you see how Meg is enacting stories and behaviors from her past experience? This is what I mean by understanding what makes people tick, by determining the patterns at play and targeting their energy for focused and intentional clearing. 

Learning what makes people tick takes time 

Energy healing is the easy part! It truly is. Once the skills, tools and practices are understood and internalized, the practitioner can help clients with their healing and evolution. Yet to thrive in a practice that grows with word-of-mouth referrals, and pays business and life bills, an ability to identify and work through what makes people tick is vitally important.

If you’re interested in launching a practice, or integrating energy healing into your client practice, study deeply. Check out the practitioner programs at EHI. If the program feels right to you, let’s connect to ensure we’ve got the right fit and meet your objectives.

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