You Already Read Energy

Reading Energy Is A Skill…not a Gift

Are you intuitive and perceptive about other people? Do you often know what people are thinking or feeling before they say anything out loud? Do you ever see colors, shapes, symbols or an aura around people’s heads? Do you sometimes ‘hear’ the answers to questions you ask in contemplation or meditation?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you’re accessing your ‘clairsenses’. The truth of the matter is, we all have these abilities. In the same way that we all have the ability to see, hear, feel, smell and taste. Now it’s true that some of us have limited sight or hearing, or have a diminished sense of smell or taste. Yet we all know, these capabilities are part of how we experience and frame our world.

Train your Senses

If you wanted to become a wine or coffee connoisseur, you’d learn to refine your palate, develop your nose, and most likely to enhance your ability to see and discern the different notes, tones and textures that inspire and ignite your reverence. Our five senses are trainable, and with effort and practice, can become quite evolved and precise.

Training and effort can also be applied to developing and refining your clairsenses.


Clairvoyance, the ability to read energy through visual perception, is a skill that is often called ‘the gift of sight’. While it’s possible to have an organic ability to view energy, it’s not a gift, trust me. It’s a skill. And it truly can be learned.

When I began my study of energy in the early 1990’s, I was one of those people with organic ability to see energy. I could see spirits on my land, auras around people, symbols and patterns when I meditated. I had a wild experience where I was able to see the energy of the wall-to-wall carpet on the second floor of my house! I stared at the carpet, and then watched it dissipate into its energy pattern. It was a profound experience, and one I’ll never forget.

Yet without training, I had little control over when and how my clairvoyance activated. I had even less discernment about the meaning or how to interpret what I perceived.

When organic clairvoyance is in place, discernment and interpretation often happens outside of the system. In other words, the image gets passed to the concrete intellect, which tries to make sense of what is perceived. If that’s happening to you as a practitioner, (and without training, it most likely is what’s occurring), you’re potentially misinforming your clients by sharing a clairvoyant perception and an intellect-generated meaning. The image itself holds the key to its meaning, and learning to unpack the image through the clairvoyance system is a powerful and important aspect of working mindfully.


If your ability to sense the energy of others is not visual, you might be a clairsentient, which means that you feel what other people are experiencing. Other words for this are ‘sensitive’ and ’empath’. As a clairsentient, you’re actually bringing what you’re sensing into your own body. If it’s someone else’s pain, rage, woundedness, victimization, depression, anxiety or fear, why would you want to hold that inside of your body? How does that support you being wholly and fully you?

This is where developing your clairvoyant skills can help you (and you clients). Whether you’re a practitioner or an interested seeker, learning clairvoyance enables you to work coherently with your own energy, and in client practice, extends your capacity to intuit and perceive a client’s story and situation without taking it on within yourself. Develop your clairvoyance and you’ll see how much fun it is to see!

To develop your clairvoyant skills I recommend EHI’s Clairvoyance Course.

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