Conscious Channeling Course 2018

How do you know who you’re letting in? 

Channeling without conscious participation can result in “energetic hangovers,” lowered energy, incorrect information, and health repercussions. Conscious channeling puts you in control of who’s being channeled, how you are channeling, and when.

Interested in mastering the skill of Conscious Channeling?

EHI’s Conscious Channeling Courses starts in two weeks and offers skills such as:

  • Clearing out your system and firing guides
  • Setting the field
  • Running energy
  • Creating a channeling space
  • Interviewing and choosing guides
  • Verbal channeling

The course takes place on two Saturdays, September 15 & 22 and is followed up by four practice group sessions for an hour each Thursday evening of October.

Ready to change your channel?

If you have channeling abilities, you can become a connection to high energies, receive important messages, transmit healing energies…you can expand your consciousness and your capacity to help others. It’s so important to learn the protocols and practices to do this in a safe and clean way. Sign up for the next Conscious Channeling course and start really embodying the possibilities.

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conscious channeling scholarship
I’m offering space in the Conscious Creation class for a student who is eager to learn the skills required and is hesitating because the financial investment feels out of reach. The scholarship recipient will receive $337.50 toward tuition, which covers 50% and brings the remaining total to $337.50. To apply, email me, [email protected], and tell me about your interest in channeling. Please apply by September 6. I will notify the recipient by Friday, the 7th.


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