What is the Astral Body?

The astral body is the energy system for our emotional experience. In this article we discuss energy density, the 7 chakras of your astral body, your aura and somatization (aka what happens when you repress emotions).

Anxiety Needn’t Hijack Your Life!

One of Energy Healing Institute’s recent students is anticipating a major life change – he’s moving across the country to complete his college degree. He wrote me about his upcoming move, stating that his head plays games with him when he contemplates big changes, causing him to feel anxious, overwhelmed. It made me smile, not… [Read More…] about Anxiety Needn’t Hijack Your Life!

Anxiety – Stopping the Madness, Part 2

In the last post, I described the process for closing down an overactive vibratorium – the 2nd chakra oscillating magnet attracting energies that match your go-to emotions.  I’ve been using anxiety as the emotion of choice to illustrate the point about setting the 2nd chakra between 10 and 25% open.  (Most of us run around with our… [Read More…] about Anxiety – Stopping the Madness, Part 2