What is the Astral Body?

The Astral body is the energy system for our emotional experience. But before we jump in, let’s recap.

Quick Recap

There are three energy bodies:

  1. Etheric body, tied to the physical body (if you haven’t yet read about the etheric energy system, that’s a great place to start)
  2. Astral body, the energy system for our emotional experience
  3. Mental body, divided into mental and causal subplanes or fields

Energy Density

The Etheric body is the most dense of the energy bodies, because it is the one tied to your physical body. To illustrate the difference between the density of your Etheric (physical) energy body versus Astral (emotional) energy body, think about if someone asked you to hold your elbow in your hand. You could do that. You’d have a dense, physical object in your hand. Then, think about if someone asked you to hold your joy (or your anger) in your hand. How would you do that? Your emotions are less tangible and less dense than your physical body, so they are harder to hold in your hand.

[Advanced energy practitioners actually do have a tangible experience of emotional energy in their hands, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves.]

The Seven Chakras of the Astral Body

Just like the Etheric body has chakras and an aura, so does the Astral body. Luckily, the chakra system of the Astral body is not nearly as complex as that of the Etheric body. The Astral body has seven primary chakras. If you’ve studied or worked with chakras before, you’re probably aware of those chakras.

In sanskrit, the word chakra means ‘whirling ball.’ Your chakras are whirling balls of energy that deliver energy to your body to generate experiences. In the Astral (emotional) body, those chakras are delivering emotional energy. They are delivering the energy that you use for your emotions, so that you can create context and meaning out of your experiences.

Our emotions help us understand and make sense out of life experiences. And the chakras are bringing that energy into our bodies so that we have access to our emotions. Different emotions vibrate at different frequencies, and the chakras run the gamut of all of the emotions. They can vibrate a wide range of emotions, thus you are capable of having a wide range of responses to your experiences.

The chakras are located in front of the spine. They run from the root chakra (at the base of the spine in men and between the ovaries in women) to the crown chakra (at the top of the head). Each of the chakras vibrates at a different frequency from low to high. The root chakra is a lower vibration than the crown chakra. Each chakra has a specific function in the body. [For an introduction to the seven primary chakras, register for my free online class].

The Aura of your Astral Body

Surrounding your body is your aura. If you’ve ever had a Kirlian photograph taken, you have seen a picture of your head with different colors surrounding your head. Those colors are predominant energies in your aura at that moment in time. The aura extends out far beyond your body, to the fingertips of your outstretched arms in all directions, including about 2 feet above your head and 2 feed below your feet.

That’s your personal energy field!

You are sourcing energy from your aura all the time to bring energy into your chakras to help you create the context and meaning for your experience. And when you have used up that energy from your chakras (when you’ve metabolized it) you send it back out of the chakras into the aura, and that energy in the aura will be replenished with the energy of the cosmic field, migrating back into the chakras. So you can’t have the chakras without an aura, and you can’t have an aura without chakras – they’re an integrated system.

As you think about this emotional body of yours, understand that it is always talking to your physical body.

The Connection: When Emotions Affect Your Physical Body

Here’s an important point: When we don’t allow ourselves to feel certain emotions, we repress them. For example, when you feel butterflies in your stomach, you’re running an excessive current of anxiety through your Astral (emotional) body, and because it’s uncomfortable, you repress it. You push the energy down into the Etheric body, where it does not belong. Your body registers the physical sensation, (butterflies), and your emotional awareness may still be processing its experience of anxiety concurrently. Yet it’s more manageable to disperse the anxiety between the two energy systems rather than holding it and processing it as pure emotion. It’s an acceptable short-term strategy, but it’s not an effective long-term plan for emotions that you perceive as unacceptable or threatening to you. Repressed emotion is called somatizing. And over time somatizing can cause problems (stress leads to knots, anxiety leads to ulcers, and so on toward more serious illness and disease).

A quick, intensive primer on Astral energy. I’m curious to hear your thoughts, experiences and questions. Feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you.

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5 thoughts on “What is the Astral Body?”

  1. Dear Jill,
    Thank you for the extremely interesting introduction to astral bodies! I’m wondering, in the case of extreme emotional trauma- especially psychosis- what is happening between the different bodies? In other words how can intense experience such as psychosis be explained by the interactions of the different bodies.

    • Hi Pavithra,

      I’m glad you found the Astral body information helpful. There are two other posts/videos that speak to the Etheric and Mental/Causal body as well that may be worth reading or viewing. The Etheric post can be found here: https://energyhealinginstitute.org/etheric-body/ and the Mental/Causal body post can be found here: https://energyhealinginstitute.org/causal-body/

      Anything that goes on in the Astral body, such as emotional and/or physical trauma, generates repercussions in both the Etheric and Mental/Causal body. In the Etheric body, there can be significant physical implications, including somatized anger, depression, anxiety and fear as well as other difficult emotions. The somatized emotion ends up inhibiting and diminishing energy flows to organs, glands and other body systems.

      In the Mental/Causal body, there’s implications to the concrete intellect, a world view can be drastically impacted by trauma, rendering the world an unsafe, unsupportive place. In the Causal, belief systems are skewed by the traumatic experience as well. The concrete intellect is profoundly influenced by the beliefs formed in the Causal, and the belief systems are also actualized through the Astral sixth chakra.

      Of course, this can all be evolved through a combination of effective psychotherapy, medications (as needed), and energy clearing.

      I hope this response is helpful to you!

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