Before You Make Resolutions…

Here’s the thing: Now is a great time to reflect on your life and on what you want to create and on who you want to be. And it is a great time to use that knowledge to fuel changes in behavior. New Year’s Eve reminds us to do this work.

Be Your Own Healer!

Well now, what does that mean, exactly? Is CK advocating that you go back to school and become a doctor, nurse, therapist, psychologist? No. Not really. After all, I’d have to walk that talk, and you wouldn’t catch me spending my precious time that way! CK is advocating taking up your own work within yourself, … Read more

Attention: Intention

If energy flows where attention goes, what role does intention play?

Do you attend to what you’d like to create? Or do you attend to what you don’t want to create?

Here’s some things CK’s heard recently from clients and students:

  • I don’t want to work at my dead-end job anymore.
  • I am tired of being broke and having no disposable income.
  • I want to meet someone through online dating who isn’t a loser.
  • I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Yup. Negative intentions. Every last one of them. What’s interesting about this? Each person was sharing what they’re continually creating and DON’T WANT. What’s also interesting? These negative intentions can easily be turned into positive intentions. Like this:

  • I am actively pursuing work opportunities that offer growth, new learning and professional advancement.
  • I generate positive cash flow and savings through effective money management and attention to my finances.
  • I attract people who resonate with me and my interests.
  • I am healthy, vibrant, whole and vital.

Yup. Positive intentions. Every last one of them.

Now, here’s the thing:

You can SAY anything you want – negative or positive. (Really, CK has no ability to change what you say.) BUT YOU CAN. What you SAY makes a difference.

And know this:

Even if you SAY everything in positive, affirmative words, terms and tone, if you BELIEVE something different, your affirmations and intentions are just words.

Dammit, CK! Do you mean to say that I have to pay attention to both what I SAY and what I BELIEVE?

What do you want to create?
What do you want to create?

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Taking Care

Chakra Khan is taking care. Right now. Taking care to let the muse rest and regenerate. Taking care to nurture a healing heart. Taking care to honor passages large and small. Taking care to meditate, clear energy, exercise, eat cleanly, breathe. Taking care of business transitions. Taking care. So many passages. Two young, beautiful, beloved … Read more