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Manifestation – It’s Not For Sissies

CK doesn’t mean that exactly.  But CK does mean that manifestation is both entirely simple and overwhelmingly complex.  Thus, not for sissies. Simple: Intention + Attention + Energy = Manifestation Simple.  You choose what you want to create (intention).  You put your focus on the desired creation (attention).  You take appropriate steps and actions (energy).… [Read More…] about Manifestation – It’s Not For Sissies

Intention, Attention: Energy

You know, I’m beginning to think I’m writing a Manifestation Manifesto with this series of posts. First there was Intention: Attention, then there was Attention: Intention. Now we’re focusing on the glue that brings it all together. Energy. Energy is currency – the currency of manifest experience. To create, manifest, make real, energy is an… [Read More…] about Intention, Attention: Energy

Intention: Attention

Yes, there’s more to manifestation and creative collaboration with the Universe than setting an intention. (If you missed last week’s post, you might want to read it first.) An intention is a clear, distinct point of focus. It’s a defining objective around which actions, decisions and attention revolve. Yes, attention. Question: what exactly are you… [Read More…] about Intention: Attention

Worrying is Like Praying

Worrying is Like Praying… Well, that was just a partial statement, hence the …. Here’s the rest of the statement: Worrying is Like Praying…for something you don’t want to happen! My friend and co-beekeeper Sue sent me that quote earlier this week. It came on the heels of a meeting with a client, Lucy. Lucy… [Read More…] about Worrying is Like Praying

I’m Working So Hard My Chakras Are Sweating! (or, thoughts about having a regular clearing practice)

Is it true?  Does the good life, the good stuff, the things we want and desire only come through hard, hard work?  I sometimes refer to difficult work as ‘pushing a boulder uphill with my nose.’ One of my clients, a delightful woman named Lucy (not her real name), recently told me that she was… [Read More…] about I’m Working So Hard My Chakras Are Sweating! (or, thoughts about having a regular clearing practice)