Got Persistent Bad Habits? What To Do…

Ever Heard of Spiritual Bypass? A client contacted me to talk about a problem she was experiencing. After summarizing her situation, she shared what she was doing to address it spiritually. I heard her describing a spiritual bypass. She was: talking with her guides and angels writing affirmations and posting them conspicuously throughout her home listening to inspirational talks reading inspirational messages daily watching… [Read More…] about Got Persistent Bad Habits? What To Do…

Manifesting with Your Chakras – Online Course-let starts Wednesday!

Chakras Are Manifestation Machines Last chance to join Chakra Khan at her live, Online Course-let – Chakras: Manifesting Like You Mean It! The 4-week Course-let begins Wednesday, January 8 at 8:00pm EDT and continues through January 29. Learn 4 skills over 4 weeks for $195! The Online Course-let is recorded so that you can listen… [Read More…] about Manifesting with Your Chakras – Online Course-let starts Wednesday!

Manifestation – It’s Not For Sissies

CK doesn’t mean that exactly.  But CK does mean that manifestation is both entirely simple and overwhelmingly complex.  Thus, not for sissies. Simple: Intention + Attention + Energy = Manifestation Simple.  You choose what you want to create (intention).  You put your focus on the desired creation (attention).  You take appropriate steps and actions (energy).… [Read More…] about Manifestation – It’s Not For Sissies

Intention, Attention: Energy

You know, I’m beginning to think I’m writing a Manifestation Manifesto with this series of posts. First there was Intention: Attention, then there was Attention: Intention. Now we’re focusing on the glue that brings it all together. Energy. Energy is currency – the currency of manifest experience. To create, manifest, make real, energy is an… [Read More…] about Intention, Attention: Energy

Ideas and Actualization

C.P., this post is dedicated to you and your ideas. C.P. brought such an interesting topic to his latest session with Chakra Khan.  He wanted to know how to galvanize his energy to manifest all of the amazing and great ideas he generates.  His days are filled with activities and tasks, like all of us. … [Read More…] about Ideas and Actualization