Serendipitous Manifestation

Four months ago, CK developed a pain in her left shoulder that eventually led to a frozen shoulder.  There’s lots and lots to talk about here with the mind-body connection, but at the moment, the focus is on Serendipitous Manifestation, so hang on to the mind-body concepts for a later post – like next week’s,… [Read More…] about Serendipitous Manifestation

What is Your Vibration?

Last week’s post, Not Your Vibration, Dear, by guest blogger Brett Will Taylor references vibration – a topic  that warrants further exploration.  Let’s begin with a few questions: Is your vibration authentic? What does your vibration say about you? And if your vibration isn’t authentic, isn’t who you believe (and know) you really are, then… [Read More…] about What is Your Vibration?

Anxiety – Stopping the Madness, Part 1

Anxiety.  It’s a  7-letter word.  All of us experience it, some more than others. When I ask people to describe their anxiety, I often learn that it feels like a pressurized bubble located somewhere in the range of the neck to the groin.  The pressure and pushing increases, and the breath gets shallow, the butterflies… [Read More…] about Anxiety – Stopping the Madness, Part 1