The Heart is the Fulcrum

Doctors know that the heart has a larger, more vibrant electromagnetic field than the brain.  The heart is in the center of the body, nestled in with the lungs, the arteries and veins, and the organs that nourish the blood through the digestion of the food that the body consumes.

The heart is a center of consciousness.  When led by the heart, people find themselves experiencing peace within.  When led by the heart, people organically choose and engage in experiences that are coherent with their intention and attention.

While commuting to and from EHI’s recent Holistic Anatomy & Physiology and Energy Anatomy training, co-instructor George Savastio and I were chatting about the upcoming training days.  Our next training is focused on 4th chakra organs, so the heart is clearly in the mix.  We’ll follow that exploration two days later with our section on the brain.

George said something both profound and hilarious.  He said that the discussion of the heart and its intelligence, the decisions it makes on behalf of the human organism are complex, profound and beautiful.  He followed that comment by saying, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do to make the brain interesting.  Holistically, it’s not that important to the story of the human body.’

I totally got his reference, and I laughed thinking about the heretical boldness of his complete understanding that the body’s poetry is NOT in the brain.

The heart is the fulcrum.  And it is a vibrating resource of vitality, vibrancy and life itself.

The heart lives surrounded by the rib cage, an ornate bony structure that shields the organ from impact, enabling its function to remain measured, constant and in flow.  Perhaps that’s enough shielding for our wild hearts.

Imagine embracing consciousness from the heart.  Filling with the understanding that you are both individuated and autonomous and connected to the entirety of the Universe.  Does it offer context about your challenging experiences?  Does it inform your blissful experiences?

In recent weeks I’ve written about the Void and Creative Space.  So many of EHI’s students and my clients are stepping – for the first time or yet again – into the Void of not knowing, seeing or understanding how the new self will emerge.  Knowing only that he or she must.  Emerge.  Re-member.  Re-connect.  And to do so, these brave and powerful people are crawling into the safety of the heart and its knowing.  Taking shelter.  Waiting.  Listening.

The mind cannot participate in this process.  The mind’s rational parameters, the act of doing rather than the heart’s path of being and becoming inhibit the shifts that come from surrender to the Void.  From inviting and opening to the voice of conscious awareness.

We each choose our level of participation in the dance of our lives.

If you’d like to connect to your conscious awareness, live from your heart, then cultivate its presence.  Invite and respond to its call.  Stop and ask yourself as you make choices in your life, is this choice generated from my mind or my heart?  What do I choose to listen to as a guide for my daily journey to and through my life’s dance?

Over the coming weeks, Will and I will be sharing ideas, observations and experiences that speak to conscious, heart-centered living.  Our next posts will be related to the concept of living with purpose.  We invite you to the conversation, and we will share from our hearts.  How will you receive?  That’s up to you.

Will shared the experience he had with one of his clients last week, assisting him to engage a connection to his heart.  There’s lots of ways to develop a focus on the heart and its wisdom. Here’s a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Chanting – silently or out loud, the seed sound for the heart chakra:  Yam (pronounced Yahm)
  • Chanting – silently or out loud, Hrim (prounced Hreem), to awaken and purify the Heart
  • – read his Listening Agreement, and then listen to the Heart Dimensional Attunement.  Or Crystal Palace Within.  Lovely stuff!
  • A nice Yin pose with a bolster under the heart chakra.  Lie in rest, tuned within for about 5 minutes.  Remove the bolster and allow your body to melt into the floor, integrating and observing.
  • Listen to Tina Turner’s Beyond

What can you share with us about how you connect to your heart?  We’d love to learn from you and bow to your wisdom of connection and self-awareness.

Keep your vital energy flowing!

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2 thoughts on “The Heart is the Fulcrum”

  1. Jill, I felt a peace and quiet come over me as I read your piece. I felt like it soothed my heart. I love how you described the ribs as an ornate structure.

    It’s interesting that psychiatrists focus on the brain and forget the soul, the first letters in the word psychiatrist comes from psyche, which is soul, but psychiatry could not be more de-souled these days. And cardiologists focus on the heart. But they treat the heart like a mechanical pump, simply a muscle. No part of cardiology training has any thing to do with the heart as the fulcrum of consciousness.

    • Judy, I couldn’t agree more about the lack of soul and consciousness in medicine and therapeutic modalities. And it’s a terrible loss to medical and clinical professionals and their patients. During the Holistic Anatomy course at EHI, there were moments when the symphony of the body and its functions was so eloquently and elegantly described that students were moved to tears. It’s hard to imagine being touched by a bladder or a liver or a spleen, and yet – there’s really beauty in their form and function. I’m glad the article soothed your heart and I appreciate your thoughtful response.


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