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Cease and Desist with the Tendency to Resist – Clearing 6 Definitions of Resistance

What we resist stalks us.  You ever noticed that?  Who among us meets every challenge, every opportunity, ever learning edge without resistance?  Exactly!  No one. That’s why a colleague of mine calls opportunities to grow, change and evolve AFGO’s.  Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity.  And yes, you can modify the ‘F’ word to suit your needs.  … Read more

Feeling the Love…& the Anxiety & the Depression & the Rage…Or Why Being an Empath Ain’t All it’s Cracked Up to Be

Many of the healers who find EHI and its Energy Healing Training programs cross the threshold in a state of depletion, overwhelm and exhaustion.  Why is that?  Is it exhausting to be a healer and have a healing practice?  Do healers have to give themselves away to support and facilitate transformation in others only to … Read more

Is My First Chakra Red?

You know that saying, If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard [fill in the blank] I’d be a rich woman (or man)?  Well that applies to the “Is My First Chakra Red?” inquiry. And often the inquiry stems from a conversation that we’re having about the chakras has to do with a pattern, obstruction, … Read more

Fake it ‘Til You Make It

Yes, really.  I’m not talking about lying, being overly creative with your resume, finagling your taxes or faking important things during romantic moments…um, you know what I mean. I’m talking about energy work.  Subtle energy is, well, subtle.  And when people begin working with chakras, they often report that their initial experience is nondescript, vague, perhaps a … Read more

Prana Prana Bo Banna, Banana Fanna Fo Frauna…

CK is a teensy bit worried about dating herself here with the title of this post.  Please tell me (someone, anyone!) that you remember The Name Game song Shirley Ellis sang in the 60’s. For those who don’t, here’s a link: Thankfully prana is timeless, eternal and everlasting.  Unlike The Name Game, which may … Read more

Talking Heads

You know that ‘my head’s so full it’s going to explode’ feeling you get when you have a bad cold?  That’s how your energy head feels when you’re a Talking Head.  It’s actually heavy to the hands of the healer.  (If the healer accesses energy through felt-sense or clairsentience.) Guess what?  We’re all a bunch … Read more

Is Your Energy Running Or Are You Running Energy?

Week after week clients talk about pace, transitions and time.  The pace discussion sounds like this: “…”  Got that?  Yeah.  It went by too fast for you to quite get it.  Want me to say it again?  “…”  Right.  Crazy-making fast paced living is what we’re all up to. The transition conversation is like this:  … Read more

Hanging Out, Hanging In, Hanging On To Your Story. A Strategy for Letting Go

Did you know CK has a classroom?  It’s true.  It’s a spacious place in Boston – top floor, skylight, open concept – and some great learning happens there.  I have the privilege of being the Teach at the front of the room.  Yet it’s often CK who gets big learnings from the students who gather … Read more

Clear Your Chakras – Avoid Pitfalls and Pit stops!

Warning:  The statement I’m about to make is a generalization. I like to think of chakras as the energy centers that metabolize life, moment by moment, experience by experience, interaction by interaction.  They’re informed by larger energy constructs such as the aura or electromagnetic field, the energy of the Earth and the Cosmos, by other people’s energy, and … Read more

I’m Working So Hard My Chakras Are Sweating! (or, thoughts about having a regular clearing practice)

Is it true?  Does the good life, the good stuff, the things we want and desire only come through hard, hard work?  I sometimes refer to difficult work as ‘pushing a boulder uphill with my nose.’ One of my clients, a delightful woman named Lucy (not her real name), recently told me that she was … Read more

What’s it Gonna Be – Resolution or Intention?

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?  How long is your list?  I remember doing a list in my 30’s that had about 17 things on it.  Within a month, I was 0 for 17.  And then I gave up resolutions altogether. Here’s a definition for ‘resolution.’  1. The process of resolving something, such … Read more

Another Damn Sunny Day in Arizona

My mom used to laugh whenever she told the story of Hummy – my aunt – calling to complain about the amazing weather in Arizona.  In New Jersey it would be snowing, school cancelled, hours of shoveling behind us and more awaiting us – and Hummy would call and say, ‘It’s another damn sunny day … Read more