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The Books On My Nightstand

People often ask what books I’m reading. Right now, I keep my nightstand covered with books old and new. I only retain books I want to read again. All others land in a neighborhood book kiosk, or at the famous Powell’s Bookstore here in Portland, Oregon.

Seven Practices for Conscious Activism

These are our Now Times. We’re here now, stepping through the rubble of false paradigms of safety, acceptance, freedom, sovereignty, equality, stewardship, collaboration and connection. Trampled, scattered, desecrated relics of the bubble dream of the Then Times.

Before You Make Resolutions…

Here’s the thing: Now is a great time to reflect on your life and on what you want to create and on who you want to be. And it is a great time to use that knowledge to fuel changes in behavior. New Year’s Eve reminds us to do this work.

Resolutions Don’t Work – Here’s Why

Resolutions don’t work. Rather than Re-Solve, In-tend. In-tending is an active discipline that yields results through focus, clarity and alignment.

Triggered? Let’s Clear That

If you know what patterns, behaviors and triggers you’ve got, but don’t know what to do to effect a change, you’re at their mercy until you figure out how to release them. So, would you rather live with them or release them?

A Word on Worldviews

The recent Presidential election has upended values, assumptions and beliefs that many hold dear. It’s hard to avoid the firestorm of reaction, despair, anger and fear resulting from the election. My work does not include the role of political analyst or pundit. Praise be! My work is to teach coherence. To help people understand how to … Read more

The Hard Work is Upon Us

If you are an energy healing practitioner, bodyworker, therapist or any kind of healing practitioner, I know your clients are leaning heavily on you these days. I heard that leading up to the election, people who typically see their therapist once a month have gone once a week, and clients who typically schedule once a week are going every day. So, … Read more

Managing Uninvited Psychic Awareness

Reading energy in a social setting is an inappropriate use of a healer’s psychic awareness. A call for discernment, boundaries and comprehensive training.

Got Persistent Bad Habits? What To Do…

Ever Heard of Spiritual Bypass? A client contacted me to talk about a problem she was experiencing. After summarizing her situation, she shared what she was doing to address it spiritually. I heard her describing a spiritual bypass. She was: talking with her guides and angels writing affirmations and posting them conspicuously throughout her home listening to inspirational talks reading inspirational messages daily watching … Read more

How Chakras Can Hold (and Clear) Physical Pain

Clearing emotional energy in your chakras is a healing resource for decreasing physical pain

Perspectives on Illness & Life

Penny has a serious diagnosis Penny is my English bulldog. She’s got digestive issues that causes her to regurgitate her food frequently. On a good day, once or twice. On a bad day? Ten times or more.   The problem emerged last fall, shortly before I traveled overseas on vacation. While away, I had several … Read more

How About a Drama-Fast Instead of a Drama-Fest?

Do Holidays Amp You Up? Do you deal through drama this time of the year? Do you find yourself rolling your eyes, clasping your hands to your head as you settle in to a salacious gab with friends and colleagues about all of the stresses and strains during the holidays? The family drama, the shopping … Read more