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The Rawness of Transition

Transition is Tender I remember the tenderness I felt when I shared the post, Messages, Passages, Assimilation while cleaning out my parents Connecticut house in early 2013. My skin felt like it was turned inside out – chafed, raw and oh-so-fragile. What a huge transition for our family to let go of my parents beloved … Read more

Conscious Is…

As Conscious Does It’s already been a hell of a month — floods in India, more shootings in the US, heightened security alerts, the aftermath in Paris. Syrians — will they be welcomed or turned away. It’s endless. And it’s only December 3rd! My private practice is mirroring the global angst — the discussions about … Read more

Somatizing is not Solution-izing

If emotion is repressed, it can’t be resolved! A wildly obvious statement, right? I agree. And wildly profound. Why? Because energy practitioners treat somatized emotions all the time. And so do doctors. Have you ever had a bunch of symptoms arise in your body, gone to the doctor, run a battery of tests — and … Read more

Hitting the Energetic Mother Lode

From Story to Selfhood What a gift to move beyond story to the ‘bearable lightness of being’ (co-opting and modifying a movie title). This lightness of being occurs when we turn inward to the heart, opening to the temple of our spirit. For some, a sudden and profound spiritual awakening occurs as this inward journey … Read more

There’s No Blissing Out in Spiritual Emergence

Spiritual Emergence (or Emergency) This past Thursday I listened to a Blab with Blair Glaser and her guests. The topic — New Age myths. One of myths discussed – being blissed out — people who are so full of sweetness and light and relentless positive thinking that they don’t actually show up and take action … Read more


The Power of Be-coming Witnessing growth and evolution in EHI’s classroom is a powerful thing. I was reminded of this as I reflected on an 8-day training that recently wrapped up in New Mexico. People came to the training with open hearts and minds, and left 8 days later knowing that they had changed. That the … Read more

Are You Holding the Emotional Bag for Others?

A case for self-containment You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself. John Steinbeck, East of Eden I trust I’m not the only person on the planet who is utterly repelled by Steinbeck’s quote. You don’t really believe this, do you? I believe there’s far too much emphasis on ‘feeling peoples feelings’ … Read more

Blind Faith & Healing

Blind Faith Recently, a Practitioner emailed a question resulting from a meditative exploration of belief systems in EHI’s Online Course on Manifestation. Many of EHI’s courses help practitioners explore and expand conscious awareness, deepening the efficacy and breadth of their client practice. It’s tough to hold space for healing without a practical understanding of the … Read more

Inner Conflict

I’ve spent the last 30 years dancing with an inner conflict. There are two of me in there, and they have different values and points of view. I’ll tell you how I navigate my dual (not dueling) selves.

Chaos & Emergence

Transition For 10 months, I’ve lived with my condo in a mild state of disorder. During a building-wide re-plumbing project, I had 2 floods in my unit. I had to have the floor replaced, and it’s taken many months for the moon and stars to align to get the work completed. Now that it’s truly … Read more

Interview: Awakened Consciousness Summit

We’re Talking Awakened Consciousness! I’m thrilled to share my interview with Tracy Roman from a recent summit – The Awakened Consciousness Summit. I was the last of 25 speakers – and we had an enjoyable and powerful interview together. I shared a bit of my personal story – fascinating, compelling – a real show-stopper! More … Read more

Where Do You Place Your Attention?

Do You: watch a lot of news on tv read a lot of news in the paper talk about the headlines with your friends, family, colleagues feel overwhelmed by all of the terrible things happening in the world Do You? meditate, pray, turn your attention inward cultivate inner peace seek ways to create and support … Read more