What is the Etheric Body?

What is the Etheric Body?

When I talk about our human energy systems, I am starting with the Etheric body because it is the energy system for the physical body. To understand energy and how it relates to our experience, it can be useful to start with the energy of the physical body because we have a clear awareness of our bodies, and they are often what we think of as “us.”

The Etheric body is the densest of the energy systems. This is because it is the system for the physical body, which is dense itself.

Nadis, Chakras & Aura

The Etheric field has 3 major components: nadis, chakras and an aura. Many yogis have heard of the three major nadis within the physical body: the ida, the pingala and the sushumna. On top of that, there are 72,000 minor nadis in your body that are busy delivering small energy streams to the chakras and aura of your physical body.

There are also thousands of chakras in the physical body. You have a chakra for every joint, every organ, every gland. The chakras in your physical body are far more complex than the chakras of the emotional body (which we’ll cover in the next post).

The chakras in your physical body are fed by the 72,000 nadis, which are fed by the 3 primary nadis (and vice versa). The system is a complex loop in which the nadis feed the chakras and the chakras feed the nadis.

Your Etheric body also includes an aura surrounding your body. This particular aura extends about 1 inch off of your body. The reason it does not extend further is due to the density of your physical body.

Primary Role of the Etheric Body

The Etheric energy system delivers energy to your physical body so that it can do everything that it does to enable you to generate your life experiences.

The Etheric energy system is connected to the emotional energy system and the mental energy system. The energy bodies are integrated and they speak to one another all the time.

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