How Energy Practitioners Support Evolution

The basic premise for practitioners

Practitioners of various modalities frequently choose to integrate energy healing into their work because of the ubiquitous nature of energy as root cause of all disease, illness, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Why? Because energy is causative. Can a tree, bird, chair or person exist without energy? No. Not possible at all.

Neither can an illness or disease, emotional or mental blockage or issue.

At the end of the day, everything is energy!

  • When a bodyworker releases a tight area in the body, there’s frequently an emotional release that accompanies the physical opening. The tight area of the body stored emotional energy, which when released, flooded the client’s emotional field. It’s a release of somatized emotion.
  • When unable to loosen a tight area, the bodyworker understands that the client is hanging on to the emotional energy because it’s been suppressed and repressed because it is either uncomfortable or worse, not allowed. The emotion scares or invalidates the client in some way, and is unconsciously contained in the energy system of the physical body. Releasing the emotional energy creates space and access to the locked down fascia, muscles, tendons or ligaments.
  • Practitioners treating chronic, serious illness recognize the correlation between the illness and unresolved emotional trauma. Full resolution of an illness can be stalled until the trauma is addressed and cleared.
  • Psychologists, social workers and mental health counselors frequently describe their frustration and helplessness when their clients intellectually understand the ineffectiveness of their behaviors yet remain unable to operate differently. The client needs tools and skills to resolve the stuck energetic pattern that the intellect  (and will) are unable to override.

What energy practitioners study – the three planes of awareness

The body human is a wildly complex organism. The human energy systems are also incredibly intricate and elegantly organized. They are comprised of three planes of awareness that collaborate in every moment of physical existence.

The energy system for the physical body is known as the Etheric plane or body. It’s made up of seven primary chakras and thousands of minor chakras, a dense, compact aura and 3 major and 72,000 minor energy channels known as nadis.

There’s an emotional body or plane, known as the Astral body or plane. It is comprised of 7 major in-body chakras, a 7-layer aura that correlates to the major chakras and 5 out-of-body chakras. While many are unfamiliar with the out-of-body chakras, those familiar with chakras usually have learned about this energy system. This plane is entirely non-physical, and is chartered with emotional awareness and the meaning generated from experience.

The Mental/Causal body or plane is the third energy system for the body human. The Mental subplanes offer access to granular details about the physical body and how it’s experiencing itself in space and time as well as holding the energies of the intellect and higher mind. The Causal subplanes house esoteric/spiritual content that inform conscious and unconscious choices, perceptions and beliefs.

The energy connection

When practitioners grok the energy connection, they become fascinated with the means and mechanisms for evolving the energy bodies as an adjunctive resource to the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing modalities they offer.

Working with practitioners deeply inspires me. I love watching their wheels turn, the dots connect and the lightbulbs come on as they learn and practice protocols for evolving patterns, themes, behaviors, beliefs, emotions and stuck or constricted energy, and as they evolve the physical body through working across all three planes of awareness. Consulting with practitioners as they re-imagine their practice and integrate energy healing into their service offering and evolve the story behind their choice of modalities is truly more fun than is legal!

Energy healing is a powerful integrative support for experienced practitioners who are actively practicing one or more modalities. It’s also an incredible standalone offering for new practitioners who are interested in launching a career in the healing arts.

The most common energy issues that practitioners address are in the Astral body. These include stuck patterns, behaviors and go-to emotions that inhibit in-the-moment presence and choice. The first 11 years I practiced, I worked exclusively in the Astral body — and earned a viable living doing so! It’s a really good place to start with working with energy, because no matter what is cleared in a session, the client can shift, grow, evolve and heal.

Whether you are a practitioner, or a consciously curious learner, energy is forever and always in your room! 

EHI’s mission is to give practitioners the skills, tools and expertise to handle client’s energy with compassion, integrity and through a grounded approach that inspires evolution.

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